15 5 / 2012

An NBA basketball team. From Brooklyn. Branded by Jay-Z.

Sounds like a no-brainer. A slam dunk. A graphic designer’s wet dream. The next great slice of Big Apple branding equal to the Yankees or Mets. But what should’ve been the next great fusion of franchise and fashion is a big fat fail. Don’t get me wrong. I’m no hater. I’m a big fan of Jay-Z and I’m all for a brand built upon the heart and history of Brooklyn. But that’s not what’s been achieved here. The wires are all crossed. The logo and branding bears a lack of craft. It seems unfinished. Confused. Half-baked. And the merchandise is all over the shop (pun intended). So, I’ve┬ádecided to take on Jay’s half-baked pieces and keep my creations in the oven for a little bit longer. ‘Til they’re cooked. As they should be.

Check them out…